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Document writer app is a document creating and editing app that allows you to create, edit, rich, text, documents that can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word, Pages on your iPhone & iPad.

Many documents editing and managing apps are out there which claims to be a problem solver by showcasing their promising features, which turn out to be a scam when you try them. Having the best document managing and editing app which not only provides the desired features but is meant to be a problem solver for its users is the real deal. So, let’s talk about Document Writer which indeed is an app you’re looking for.

Document Writer

Document Writer is an app that is available on the app store which is a bundle of great features.

Let’s talk about the features that are wrapped up in Document Writer

  • Create/Edit Rich text document.
  • Create/Edit Spreadsheets
  • Convert Microsoft Office Docs to Pdf.
  • Annotate, sign and Fill out pdf forms
  • Document Scanner
  • Voice recorder
  • Drawing Pad
  • Integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Sugar Sync.

Let’s get into details about the attribute of Document Writer, it is an app that is specially designed to serve all the iOS users who face the difficulty to deal with Microsoft docs due to its operating system. When you have this app with you on your iOS device you can manage everything from your phone or any other iOS device. Not only this app allows you to Create Rich text documents, but it gives easy access to its users to edit the existing or new document. If you have a bunch of xlsx files that you received on your phone and an alert box pops up with “file not supported” text not to worry you can still edit them when you open it through this app. You can carry out all the tasks mentioned above and since it provides backup for all your data whether its facts or figures or any information is secured, and you have easy access to all the information stored within Document Writer.

User Interface

The user interface is the first interaction of the user and the app which is the make or break part of your application. We’ve discussed the features but let’s shed some light on the UI of this app. The menus and options provided in this app make it easy for users to operate and navigate easily. You might find little errors in the options and menus but that can be overlooked.

How can this be your best option?

In this busy routine, something convenient is all everyone needs; Document writer fulfills this criterion. This is more like on the go app which lets you work wherever and whenever you want. Imagine your laptop broke just a day before your exam. All you need is a Document Writer on your iOS device and you’ll be good to go. It can open all pdf and Microsoft files which are editable, and the best part is that you can annotate pdf and even highlight your pdf text. Pdfs are common these days to be on the same page everyone prefers pdf version of the documents. The inconvenience that you must face to edit PDF files can be frustrating, which you can avoid by opening them through Document Writer. With this amazing app, all your pdfs worries can go away. Not only it allows its user to edit pdfs but it gives complete access to its users to annotate their pdf files, add little notes (which makes it easy to go through when you give it a second read), highlight your text in your pdf doc and lastly, you just need a stylus to e-sign your pdf docs. You don’t have to be a professional to try this app anyone who wants can try this app.

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List of Document Writer Feature

When we dig a little deeper into the Document editor feature of Document writer, we’ll find a bunch of amazing facts.

Document Writer 2

Document writer has a variety of different fonts and styles that you can use to enhance your document, it is very easy to use BOLD, italics, and highlight (using different colors) on your text. You may find it ordinary but to have this much variety in a mobile app is exceptional. All these amazing features can save you from the hassle and you can create a perfect document with your iOS device and this outstanding app. Using this document editor, you can create your virtual photo album by importing pictures from your gallery or scanning the existing picture using a high-quality scanner that this app provides. The cherry on top is that you can add little notes with each picture and can make a backup wherever you want and keep your memories safe and secured forever!

Last but not least, the spreadsheet feature may not sound impressive but trust me having it on your mobiles can change your lives in many different ways. It will be a great help for you to maintain your daily expenditure and hence you’ll never be out of budget. It is an easy way to keep track of your spending.


Having a bundle of different apps wrapped in one is one amazing deal that you can avail in 5.99$ which is a nominal cost concerning its features. This will completely change your opinion about working from your phone as it is no different than working from your laptop which can be a hassle to carry around. It’s like carrying a mini laptop with you in your pocket when you have Document Writer it is just the perfect tool for everyone. It is worth giving a try!

Document Writer is available on the AppStore. It is a document creating and editing app that is fitted with other cool features that make it stand out even more.

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